This afternoon I have been making Chilli Con Carne.  It’s a slow cooked chilli using chunks of stewing steak rather than mince – it appeals to me more.

I’ve taken a recipe from Sarah Raven’s Food For Friends and Family and as always tweaked it a little.  We’ve been eating lots of variations on my Roasted Summer Vegetables recently and had some left over – so they have been added, hopefully bringing an extra delicious taste to the chilli.

After four hours gently bubbling on the stove it is finally ready.  All we need to do now is cook some rice, reheat the chilli and eat it with generous amounts of soured cream and grated cheese. 

I do like it when dinner is made in advance – although it took me a good half an hour to prepare and many more hours to cook, it feels like an easy dinner.

Please excuse the bad camera phone photos – I’m dying without a real camera!!