Scrambled eggs on toast with garden herbs

Sometimes it takes the simplest of meals to remind you what real, good food actually is.  I had this revelation last night as I tucked into my dinner for one of scrambled eggs on toast.

Mr Rigg was away for the night and my dinner choice was based on the fact that I really couldn’t be arsed to make anything more just for myself.  We have a lovely farm up the road who produce organic eggs, so I always have a large tray of their eggs on hand for quick meals.

Picking chives in the garden

This time I had treated myself to some of their white Leghorn eggs, which I scrambled in my own sweet fashion – melt a healthy amount of raw butter in a saucepan, crack the eggs directly into the hot butter without whisking prior (I had two whole eggs and an extra yolk).  Next I turn the heat down and let the eggs cook a little in the butter without touching them, then I use a spoon to break them up.  This way you end up a mixture of quite distinct ‘white’ and ‘yolk’ but also some standard pale yellow scramble as well.

I considered skimming some cream off the top of our raw milk to add to the pan of eggs, cream in scrambled eggs is divine – don’t bother with milk! Anyway, that seemed like too much effort, so I just seasoned with salt and pepper and added generous amounts of snipped mint and chives from the garden, plus some pretty purple chive flowers.

Scrambled eggs with chive flowers

This mixture was piled onto two pieces of rye sourdough toast from the farmers market, slathered with raw salty butter.  And because I’m a girl, I sprinkled on a few extra chives flowers that I’d saved especially.  I might be making a lazy dinner for one, but I still want it to look good.

It was eating this simple and quick dinner out on the patio that I realised actually how good it was.  How tasty it was, and yet comprised of only a few simple ingredients, made in less than five minutes, and making only one saucepan and a spoon dirty in the process.  It also made me wander into the garden to pick some herbs, a refreshing lull in the cooking process.

Gate to my veg patch

By tomorrow I will have no doubt forgotten the joys of eating such simple meals and Mr Rigg and I will be banging our heads together as we attempt to plan out another week of meals – it always seems to be so much effort, I’m always in search of creating the perfect dinner.  Maybe at least if I record this revelation of simple food here on my blog, it will be a reminder to me.