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Gardens of Marqueyssac

Ok, so technically not really a food memory of the Dordogne, but they are too stunning not to tell you about it – if you are visiting they are well worth a visit, and there’s more to them than just the incredible hedging you see above.

A quick Google image search for the Gardens of Marqueyssac will bring up some breathtaking images of these gardens lit up at dusk.  If you go at the right time of year you can go in the evening, which I imagine would be beautiful.

View from the Gardens of Marqueyssac

Gardens of Marqueyssac

Gardens of Marqueyssac

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I am desperate to finish telling you about our lovely June trip to the Dordogne, it’s just finding the time amongst everything else in life.  As you may have seen, I also like to share details rather than just lots of pictures – just in case you are here viewing this post because you too are planning a trip to the Dordogne and want some tips from someone who’s been and explored.

Beynac, Dordogne

Last time I left off we had just been to the Sarlat market and passed through La Roque Gageac.  After this we headed along the river to Beynac, which we much preferred and found a lovely little restaurant for a very relaxed lunch. This place is just so pretty, the sand coloured stone buildings, the flowers and vines that sprout from tiny patches of soil – it is storybook lovely.

Beynac restaurant

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