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Last night I was in London for the National Trust Fine Farm Produce Awards 2010.  I had planned my trains to give me an hour wandering the streets of Soho visiting a couple of food places I’d sussed out.  To cut a long story short I missed my train so spent my hour sat at Warrington Station feeling sorry for myself and wishing I was in London.

This is me bored not walking round London…

Gutted.  Anyway, I had just enough time on my way through Soho from the tube to stop in at the Nordic Bakery.  As a former resident – if only for 8 months – of Vancouver an opportunity to gorge myself on cinnamon buns wasn’t to be missed. 

How I miss this time of year in Canada when cream cheese frosted sticky sweet cinnamon buns come into their own.  Gooey, sticky, chewy, sweet, sugary, fragrant, spicy…all of those and more describe the cinnamon buns I found (and lived off) whilst I was studying in Vancouver.

Vancouver style cinnamon buns…

Image: via TravelPod

Back to last night’s story, I found the Nordic Bakery on Golden Square in Soho.  The counter was filled with savouries – thin slices of rye bread topped with smoked salmon, cheese and dill pickles, and something I else I can’t remember.  Then there were the sweets – blueberry buns, oatmeal cookies, tosca cake and…cinnamon buns.

They weren’t quite as I had imagined – basing my vision on those that I ate in Canada.  Rather than a swirl somewhat resembling a Chelsea bun, the cinnamon buns at the Nordic Bakery are a somewhere between a croissant and pain au chocolat shape.  Incredibly sticky and utterly delicious looking.

I bought two cinnamon buns and two blueberry buns, which were boxed up and treasured carefully across Soho, through a night of awards, on the tube, on a train, and all the way home to my little house in Cheshire.  And they made it not too squished.

We ate them for lunch (!!) today warmed a little in the oven.  They were scrumptious, heavily spiced and fragrant with cinnamon and sticky (did I mention they sticky…?) with sugar.

More tomorrow on the Fine Farm Produce Awards.

Image: LondonEats

Still lacking a decent camera so have found some great images of the Nordic Bakery online just as I remember it – check out LondonEats’ review.

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