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Keep Calm and Carry On enamel mug

Last weekend was sunny.  That in itself is quite incredible.  Before the sun could even consider disappearing, we quickly made our way to our neglected allotment.  Thankfully it didn’t look as unkempt as we were expecting, and we feel vaguely positive about getting it into shape this summer.  Watch this space!

Brewing tea in a kelly kettle

Mr Rigg covered large sections in old carpet and I mainly made tea.  We took our trusty Kelly Kettle and set up a little fire in the base – I can’t help but feel like I’m actually really ‘alive’ when I’m doing basic things like this.  Do you find that?

Making a fire in the kelly kettle

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Isn’t this miniature food ring so cute?!  I love this one with its tiny cup of tea and mini chocolate chip scone – so sweet.  You can find them here at the SouZouCreations shop on Etsy.

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year!

Mr Rigg, Buddy and I spent this morning down on the allotment attempting to work off the copious amounts of rich food we have eaten over Christmas.

Though the jobs involved shifting poo and digging out a small oak tree, and at one point the rain came driving down, we had a good morning.

The large mound of manure has now gone and the allotment looks very neat…if very brown and slightly smelly.  We relocated four rhubarb crowns from the middle of the allotment to the bottom, to sit happily with the other rhubarb plants.

I cleared quite a number of ratty looking raspberry canes from the end behind the ‘shed’ (should be called a shack really), and together we dug out a small oak tree (one more to go).  I know it sounds terrible to be digging out an oak tree, but the allotment officer advised we should before they get too big.

Before we left we lit up the Kelly Kettle – its first use, despite being Mr Rigg’s birthday present back in May. 

With the bottom part filled with newspaper and tiny fir cones, it soon got the water boiling and we enjoyed a cup of herbal tea in our new enamel ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’ mugs.  Perfect for allotment picnics!

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