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Today on our way out we came across a tiny lapwing chick stood in the middle of a very busy road – two of his siblings sadly squashed beyond recognition.  I immediately stopped and jumped out and managed to catch the tiny chick as it hid in the grass on the verge.

I could see its parents wheeling overhead calling for their chicks, so I attempted to leave the chick in a field hoping the parents would find it.  But there were so many busy roads around that I decided that the best chance we could give the chick was to take it to a local wildlife rescue centre.

Thankfully the chick seemed quite a tough little thing and apart from peeping all the way to the rescue centre it seemed in fighting condition.  We left it in the hands of Lower Moss Wood – an educational nature reserve and wildlife hospital outside of Knutsford.

We wish the chick lots of luck and hope that it survives.  I have its patient number at the wildlife hospital so hope to call back in a couple of weeks and find out if it made it through. 

A big thanks to all the dedicated volunteers who run wildlife rescue centres.  I was lucky enough to work at the Wildlife Rescue Association of British Columbia whilst I was studying there for a year.  It was an inspirational place with incredible people.

Some pictures from my time at the rescue in Canada…


labradoodle dog

It seems our family continues to grow.  Meet Buddy.

For the past month or more N and I have been going to a local dog rescue centre looking out for a dog.  We weren’t expecting to find one we fell in love with so soon, but decided that if we were serious about looking for a dog we wouldn’t find one without at least visiting.

labradoodle dog

Buddy came into the centre as a stray, and is still very skinny (beneath his thick curly black coat).  He must have had a home once upon a time because he’s house trained and sits when told to.  Most people we’ve spoken to think he’s a Labradoodle – he’s got a Labrador-ish face but a very Poodle-ish bottom with a little tail that sticks up in the air.

He came with the name ‘Buddy’ – initially we wanted to change it, but having gone through numerous baby name website and dog name lists nothing seemed to fit better.  So it looks like he will stay as Buddy.

labradoodle dog

This is a new adventure for us, and nearly a week after getting him both of us are quite tired.  Tired but excited, and really loving the new addition to our family.

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