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As I mentioned in a previous post we recently spent the weekend with my family.  My family (myself included) have notoriously different diets: my little sister is a vegetarian (but eats marshmallows…naughty naughty), my dad is gluten intolerant, my mom eats fish but not meat, and my little brother is, well quite fussy, but likes his bacon, ham and sausage. 

So finding a meal that everyone can enjoy is quite a challenge.  Risotto is often a good bet (the little brother still struggles with this a bit).  But as it was my birthday weekend, so it was about everyone enjoying their food, so we decided to make our own pizzas and let everyone choose their own toppings.  My dad was supposed to buy himself some gluten free pizza bases, but he rebelled saying they taste like cardboard (I don’t doubt they do) and that some things were worth it – homemade pizza base being one of them.

We use Jamie Oliver’s pizza dough recipe from his Jamie’s Italy book.  You can find the recipe together with my simple tomato sauce recipe here.  We put together a whole range of toppings and laid them out on the counter top for people to help themselves to.  These are the resulting pizzas:

The little brother’s ‘meat feast’ pizza: German salami and roast ham


Notice the token piece of greenery…


The little sister’s ‘veggie delight’: grilled peppers, aubergine and courgettes


The little sister decided the little brother had more cheese, so after it came out of the oven she grated lots more cheese over it.


Dad’s ‘absolutely everything’ pizza: grilled peppers, aubergine and courgettes, German salami, and Parma ham


But he wasn’t finished there, no, once cooked he then added…rocket, basil, Parmesan shavings AND truffle oil!


Mom’s pizza was the same as the little sister’s but she added a smattering of rocket leaves and basil oil just before eating:


My ‘classic’ pizza (classic in that it’s what I always make): a basic margherita topped once cooked with ribbons of Parma ham and a scattering of rocket


N was the last to make his pizza, so by this point I was tucking into my pizza and had no time to take pictures.  The little brother said he thought it was the best pizza he’d ever had, better even than Pizza Express (from him that’s saying something).  So if you haven’t made this pizza dough yet, do – it has the little brother’s seal of approval.

pizza and champagne

pizza and champagne

Tonight N and I are celebrating five years since we started going out.  We are celebrating with homemade pizza and a glass of our favourite bubbly – Cuvee Flamme by Gratien & Meyer from the Loire (  Who could think of a better way to see in such an important day?

snowy wintery garden

snowy wintery garden

I won’t be able to post anything for about a week as I’m off to run a week-long residential conference for green space managers!  Very exciting, done a lot of work leading up to this point, and this is what I love to do – organise events. 

I am leaving N and the bunnies to fend for themselves – N left for work this morning with a sleepy reminder to make himself nice dinners while I was gone.  The Co-op and its frozen pizzas are sometimes a temptation too many for a bloke home alone.  Even still, I am tempted to leave him a list of all the lovely bits and pieces that are lying in the fridge and cupboards, and a reminder that pasta is so versatile.

Will be back in a week with a lovely recipe that I can’t wait to make, using the homemade marmalade that I don’t like on toast.  This recipe, however, from one of my best friends, makes marmalade quite delicious – Maria’s Marmalade Gingerbread.  Yum!

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