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This weekend has been a scorcher.  It is wonderful to be able to tell you that I’m writing this post in my garden, with the blackbird at his post singing his evening song, the hoverflies buzzing around my head, the smell of barbecuing meat wafting over the neighbouring fences, and two lazy bunnies reclining in the sun.

After spending the morning with N digging over my soon-to-be herb bed and giving it a good feed of bunny poo, I have spent the afternoon gardening – both in my own garden and a brief stint down on the allotment.  N is off playing cricket.


Having finished all the digging, hoeing, weeding, sowing, planting, and watering that I can muster for one day, I decided I would let the bunnies out for a run around the garden.  They seem to have had a blissful day: Borage lolling on his back in the sun, licking his paws and thoroughly checking his long loppy ears for any rumpled hair before smoothing it out; Lovage is not a sun worshipper, and has been lying in the shade and occasionally knawing madly at the bars in an attempt at freedom. 

They are a nightmare in the garden at the moment and cannot be left unattended – they eat or decimate everything, and everything happens to be new and tiny and trying hard to grow.  So the bunnies have to be followed round the garden, and shooed on whenever they eat the wrong thing or look like they are hatching evil plans (Lovage) to hack new paths through my lupins. 

We let them out, one at a time, and it is delightful to watch them and the silly antics they get up to.  Both bunnies are very different, which we already knew, but seeing them in a much larger space really brings out they funny quirks. 

Borage is just on one frantic search for the next mouthful of food.  He can bearly contain himself, all these delicious green things all around him – the grass quite literally always looks greener just over there. 

Borage eating his way through my garden...

Borage eating his way through my garden

He is particularly partial to purple geranium leaves (I’m sure someone will tell me that my bunnies really shouldn’t be eating these as they’re not good for them, but they only get brief nibbles in and have been perfectly fine so far) and ground elder (which I am happy for him to eat by the barrow load). 

butter wouldn't melt...

butter wouldn't melt...

Lovage on the other hand seems to be on some commando mission. 

Lovage tests his SAS skills

Lovage tests his SAS skills

He races around, ears alert, trying to get into small dark places. 

Lovage commandeers a mountain of rubble

Lovage commandeers a mountain of rubble

Always deep in concentration, he seems to planning his next move, whether he can create himself a hideout, or what plant has grown across a well loved secret passage.  Many a new shoot or branch has fallen victim to Lovage and his ruthless trimming.  Damn those irritating plants.

Lovage says "I'm cute really!"

Lovage says "I'm cute really!"

All photos by the little sister

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