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N and I are very excited on our newest garden wildlife discovery – two little mice!  It was such a lovely evening yesterday that with Lovage under one arm, and Borage hopping round the new run, N and I went for a wander round our garden.  This is something we like to do on warm sunny evenings, just to see what’s growing, what’s popped up, and how things have changed.  Our garden isn’t very big, but it’s still nice to slowly wander round. 

We were stood looking at some foxgloves when I saw what I thought was a bird under the bird table…but no, it was a little brown mouse!  He was busy nibbling on bird seed and seemed quite unfussed by us watching him.  N has named him Ernie, although he gets upset when I say this and said he was only joking.  But it’s kind of stuck.

Ernie ran off under the geraniums, so we carried on round the garden.  When we go back round to the same spot we quietly watched under the bird table to see if he would reappear.  He did.  And then another mouse appeared too!  She’s called Minnie (very originally, I know).  So anyway, we have two very cute little brown mice living somewhere under the geraniums, or perhaps in shed. 

I called up my good friend Maria (or Maria’s Marmalade Gingerbread) to tell her about the mice – by coincidence, we went to there’s for dinner on Sunday and she was telling us about Dennis – her mouse who lives in the garden wall!  Dennis is rather acrobatic, and likes to hang from the peanut feeder.  However, Dennis was feeling shy on Sunday and we didn’t see him. 

One of these days I will attempt to take a (most likely out of focus) photo of Ernie and/or Minnie, but it might be one of those ‘spot the mice’ pictures…

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