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Salmon fish cake bake with homemade mayonnaise

What do you do when your fish cakes go wrong?  Reinvent them as a fish cake bake, that’s what!  We had planned on making fish cakes with some very nice Wild Alaskan salmon I’d got my mitts on, but the potato ended up too wet and there was a minor crisis over what to do.  I figured there’s not much difference to popping the fish cake mixture into a stoneware dish and baking it, rather than frying them in a pan.

Salmon fish cake bake

So that’s what we did.  Mr Rigg was on fish cake duty, I was in charge of homemade mayonnaise (so so delicious!).  It turned out pretty nicely, with lovely crispy bits on top and plenty of rich mayonnaise to accompany it.  We tried making this again the other night – turns out, it’s not easy to recreate gone-wrong fish cakes.  Oh well.


The Wednesday Chef is one of those food blogs you just have to check back to every so often.  It’s like a great magazine that you can dip into whenever you need something comforting to read or look at. 

It’s written by Luisa, born in Berlin, once a New Yorker, and is a truly lovely blog to look through.  She has also just written up a delicious sounding recipe that I first spied (like her) over at Food52: Tartine with Mustard Mayo and Mashed Avocado.  Just the thought of it makes my mouth water.

You can see Luisa’s version of the scrumptious sounding snack here along with a recipe for Spicy Salmon Mash on Toast.

Image: Food52

Parsley, ham potato salad

Lunch today was made up from what was found in the fridge, and as always these turn out to be the best meals.  A delicious lunch of capers, parsley, ham and new potato salad…

Peeled, boiled and cooled new potatoes.  Chopped into chunks.  A couple of teaspoons of mayonnaise, a spoonful of capers chopped, and another spoonful of whole grain mustard. 

A handful of torn flat leaf parsley and some shredded ham (my favourite kind – Focolare Italian herb ham from Barbakan).  Mix in some salt and pepper to taste. 

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