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Today (unexpectedly!) I am part of a feature in the Independent newspaper on the 50 best farm shops.  I say unexpectedly as it was supposed to be going in next week – but it’s come out a week early.

I just wanted to correct a mistake as well, in the paper it says that this blog, Eat the Earth, is the sustainable food newsletter of the National Trust.  It’s not.  This is my own, personal blog about the food I enjoy growing, eating, cooking, and discovering.

There seems to have been a bit of a muddle and they’ve combined two elements of what I do.  I am a volunteer editor of an internal sustainable food newsletter for the National Trust, but it’s not anything to do with this blog.  I also just write this blog in my free time.  So apologies for any confusion.


Very excitingly I have been nominated for a Dorset Cereal ‘Little Blog Award’.  I know I’ve been pretty lax on posting over the past week, but I promise I’ll get back into the swing – a busy return to work after being off ill has left me rather stressed and consequently eating a lot of bad things that are not worth sharing. 

If you’ve got a moment to pop over to the Dorset Cereal’s website and vote for me I’d be so pleased.  You can also find lots of other lovely blogs listed there too.  Just click on the ‘vote for me’ image in the lefthand column of my blog.

Lovage says “please vote for us!”


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