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Home DIY

Today’s post is dedicated to my dad, a fellow DIYer, always keen to know what we’re up to.  So this was today…

It seems like it’s been forever since we got our grubby clothes on and got stuck into a good bit of DIY and demolition (at this point Mr Rigg likes to imitate Ty from Extreme Makeover: Home Edition – don’t tell him I told you).

In just over a day’s time we will be starting the final bit of our home improvement plan, five years after we bought this little end terraced cottage.

Blue-grey front door with pale pink roses

We are determined to do the final push to finish off our house so that we can sit back and enjoy it.  We have been slowly sweeping our way down the house, starting with our two upstairs bedrooms, then our main living area (two old cottage rooms knocked into one), and now we are on the home leg – the kitchen, bathroom (downstairs) and what was a manky porch.

This was said manky porch…
Ugly porch

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