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Perhaps I am averse to change or becoming a bit of a fuddy-duddy, but I didn’t like the new version of Masterchef that hit our screens last night.  It might not be fair of me to pass judgement when I switched off after the first contestant was handed his apron – so you’ll see I’ve hardly watched any of it, but I just didn’t enjoy those first 5 minutes.

Did anyone else feel the same?  The first thing that turned me off was the new sleek kitchen – the dark finish, clinical feel, and row after row of kitchen stations – it felt so unfriendly! 

And where has the good old fashioned invention test gone?  In the few minutes I saw John and Greg, who I think are great, seemed very staged…”One minute,” says Greg, “this decision has to be unanimous.”

It felt like X-Factor for food.  I miss the old friendly, bright white kitchen, the invention test with, those embarrassing moments when someone has come up with something truly awful and had you shouting at the telly, “How did they get through the auditions?!” 

The ‘new’ Masterchef feels unfamiliar and for me less enjoyable.  It seems they have created a new TV cookery competition, but called it Masterchef, when it really isn’t. 

What do you think?  Did it get better after the first 5 minutes?  Should I make myself sit down and push through everything I hate about it to get to the good stuff?  Or do you share in my sadness?

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