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As I am still suffering from a cold I am off to wrap up in a blanket and watch some trashy TV.  I will leave you with a post I drafted a while ago for chip butty sandwiches and hope to be back tomorrow to tell you about the fabulous trout my little brother caught for my birthday present.


This is a complete cheats dinner.  One to be eaten when everyone is tired and can’t be bothered to cook or wash up.  It should also probably only be eaten once in a while, and to make myself feel better about eating this carb-laden meal I remind myself that the night before we ate a very healthy meal of noodles, stir-fried with lots of greens, and topped with seared tuna steak.

My perfect chip butty:

  • thin slices of fresh, soft white bread
  • spread thickly on both sides with farmhouse butter
  • crispy chips laid across one slice of bread
  • a sprinkle of rock crystal salt
  • and finished off with a grinding of black pepper
  • before being topped with another slice of bread


The bread if thinly sliced moulds around the chips as you grasp it, and the butter (if enough is added) provides this extra silky salty flavour that seems to bind bread and chip together. 

N prefers his perfect chip butty with no pepper and a drizzle of ketchup instead.  I would also like to point out that we don’t usually buy chips, and that these were free chips that N brought home from work.  But sometimes you just need to spoil yourself, and eat a meal that provides you with no goodness but that wraps you up in great comforting hugs. 


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