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As part of celebrating our five years of being together, N and I went to an organic cafe in Altrincham for lunch on Saturday.  I’ve known about this cafe for a while, tried their delicious Victoria Sponge cake at the Trafford Food Festival, even been to the Italian restaurant opposite it a number of times, but I hadn’t ever been to into the cafe itself.  We wanted a simple lunch of sandwiches, but good sandwiches – not dodgy pub sandwiches or any that would leave us wishing we’d made them ourselves at home.  Hullabaloo claims that all its food is homemade using organic and seasonal produce, so it seemed like our best bet – as you can see, the more we cook at home, the more difficult we find it to eat out.

Hullabaloo is set in a pretty little courtyard in Altrincham, and when we arrived we thought it was closed – it looks very dark inside and until you’re up close you can’t tell whether there’s anyone inside, that and the sign in the door read ‘closed’.  It must have just swung the wrong way round, because the cafe was open and there were a couple of people inside enjoying their lunch.

The cafe is one small room, which although has dark tiles floors and a wall of black shelves filled with organic wines and cookery books feels very light inside.  At the back is a counter with a selection of homemade cakes atop it, behind it is a small kitchen where Suzi, the owner, cooks the food.  The menu’s are written on brown paper bags, as are the drinks list. 

N went for a brie, bacon and cranberry open sandwich, and I went for one of the specials – grilled Portebello mushrooms topped with brie, bacon and caramelised onions.  Both we served on soft organic bread, with watercress and mixed salad leaves.  They were in a word – divine.  The brie was room temperature (a delight as so often brie sandwiches use it straight from the fridge), and in my case had oozed slightly from the warmth of the mushrooms.  The bacon was flavoursome and N’s cranberry sauce a deep ruby colour.  Our plates were licked clean.

orange, almond and chocolate bun :: Hullabaloo cafe, Altrincham ::

orange, almond and chocolate bun :: Hullabaloo cafe, Altrincham ::

After we finished our naughty desserts – N chose the homemade frosted carrot cake and I had a moreish orange and almond bun filled with chocolate frosting – we had a lovely chat with Suzi who told us about her monthly seasonal evening meals.  It’s a mystery menu, devised using whatever’s at the seasons best.  It sounds great fun and we are planning to go in the next couple of months.

remains of N's carrot cake :: Hullabaloo cafe, Altrincham ::

remains of N's carrot cake :: Hullabaloo cafe, Altrincham ::

Hullabaloo was a refreshing experiencing for us in the world of eating out.  There’s nothing worse than going out and spending money on food only to come away thinking ‘I could have made this better at home.’  Suzi’s food was thoroughly enjoyable and the perfect way to spend out anniversary lunch.



N rolled his eyes when I brought out my camera, so there are only a few pictures of my delicious cake – blame the boyfriend.

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