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Cheese on toast topped with slow cooked chilli con carne

Comfort food here we come!  This idea was given to us by friends on New Year’s Eve as we tucked into bowls of rice and slow cooked chilli con carne – they suggested that the best way to eat leftover chilli was on top of cheese on toast.  It just had to be tried.

Cheese on toast topped with slow cooked chilli con carne

It didn’t disappoint.  We used a crusty white loaf from Barbakan, topped with melted Cheddar for the cheese on toast.  We reheated the slow cooked chilli (made with chunks of organic beef from Bryn Cocyn rather than mince) and added half a tin of baked beans to make it go further.

It was utterly delicious – from now on I’m going to make sure we always have leftover chilli after making it, just so we can have this the next day.

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