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Today my little (19) sister starts University.  I am feeling a mixture of trepidation for her, and reminiscing about my own first day of moving into my Uni room and starting a whole new chapter of my life.  I also worry that she will disappear off into the world and realise the very real possibility she could find a life far away, across oceans even, and I wonder how I would cope without her.

Me and Iz
As we both get older we seem to look more alike

Like many people, I have had ups and downs with family – those grumpy teenage years, moving away from home to go to University and the excitement and freedom it gave me, missing my parents and siblings, then starting my own life in my own home.


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Today is my birthday.  I am turning 25 – a quarter of a century, or half way to fifty if you ask my little sister!  I have spent the weekend down in the Cotswolds with my family celebrating my birthday and today N and I took the day off work.

Apologies for not posting over the weekend, but I have some great food and garden things to tell you about over the next couple of days.  I have certainly eaten well this weekend (of course!). 

My birthday weekend menu has included: a delicious radish and pea salad, asparagus and cheese tart, some incredibly smelly French cheeses, sorrel and ricotta frittata, barbecued trout, and the star of the show – Willie’s Cloud Forest Chocolate Cake.  So if you want to share in my food adventures be sure to check back later this week.


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