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Thanks to the little sis for making me aware of this…

I thought I should just explain the lack of posting…my camera is broken.  I feel lost without it – I don’t quite know how I can blog, food just doesn’t seem as interesting when only written about.  So I shall have to post lots of other people’s lovely images.

So, at a time when money is tight and I can’t go out and just buy a new one I am having to think creatively about how to raise the funds for a new camera.  Until that time, you and I are going to have to be content with camera phone pictures – great from a distance, not so good on close-ups of scrumptious food.

Oh well.

Recently we have eaten lots more corn on the cob cooked simply with butter, salt and pepper; sweetcorn fritters – this time with slithers of crispy bacon and tomato salsa; homemade rice paper rolls filled with loads of raw veggies and a soy and ginger dipping sauce – Tes at Home has a great recipe for her spring rolls with creamy peanut sauce.

And I have finally accepted autumn is upon us by starting my day with a bowl of porridge drizzled with maple syrup.  I am quite excited about autumn…Halloween…Bonfire Night…and then Christmas.

Images: {1 and 2} Martha Stewart; {3} Country Living

I don’t really like to share to much of my personal life nor photos of me and my family that often, but today I felt I should.

My little sister, who’s nearly 17, has just started her first week of A-levels.  In the five days she’s been back at school, she’s had a miserable time of it with backstabbing friends and boyfriend mishaps.  Although the air is starting to clear now, she was very sad at the beginning of the week.

So, I did what every big sister would do.  I sent her a confidence-boosting email, reminding her not to get too down because of other people and their hurtful words or actions.  I reminded her who she is deep down inside, the confident and happy little four-year old care-free enough to dance on hotel poolsides and at firework parties. 

She is pretty and silly and funny and smart and one of the most genuine and nice people I know.  It’s hard living so far away from her, I just wanted to be there to give her a hug and sit and watch a girlie film or play Lego Indiana Jones on the X-Box (sounds silly, but we love it!).

Without the ability to make her a hot drink and snuggle up in a blanket, I did second best – I sent her a delicious packet of hot chocolate flakes from Cocoa Loco – it did the trick. 

Within almost 24 hours they’d delivered her the little gift and she could snuggle up with her luxurious hot chocolate and think of me and how much I believe in her.

If you want to show someone you love them, cheer someone up, or make up for missing their birthday I highly recommend sending them brownies (or other chocolatey gifts) from Cocoa Loco.  They make the best organic chocolate brownies and they deliver them by post – what could be better!

Image: Cocoa Loco

I am so incredibly tired at the moment, tired but exciting and happy.  The past month just seems to have slipped past – I struggle even to remember what I did last weekend my week has been so busy.

I am a self-confessed ‘jack-of-all-trades’ at the moment.  I have two jobs, multiple voluntary jobs and a website to run.  This is why I have gone ‘quiet’ over the past few days…but I have some exciting news to share!

I have just got a voluntary job at the National Trust producing a sustainable food newsletter (among other things).  The National Trust is an organisation I’ve long aspired to work for, so it’s so exciting to be working with them and on food-related issues! 

In addition to that I have recently starting working in one of my local farm shops, which is also a lovely addition to my week. 

But for today (or at least yesterday – I’m now into tomorrow…) I am done and off to bed.  Too many hours have been spent looking at a laptop screen.  Next week Mr Rigg and I are on holiday at home, so hopefully I can get some rest and catch up on life.

I have had a lovely weekend.  After travelling back to Cheshire with the little sister, I have…

  • Played with the bunnies and taken lots of photos of them

  • Made a scrummy summery vegetable barley risotto – topped with crispy bacon bits for us and veggie sausage for the little sister

  • Gone to the carboot and come back with a new dress, some charming old books and a  glass jug

  • Been to see the new Twilight film Eclipse with the little sister and felt like I was 16 all over again (Taylor Lautner is SO yum)

  • Come back to reality (although Taylor Lautner is still SO yum) and washed the dog

  • And made my favourite tomato spaghetti

Hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend too!

At the moment I am down in the Cotswolds with my family.  Today, me and the little sister are heading back north to spend a couple of days together – I can’t wait! 

Last night my mom, the little sister, and me watched a lovely film together – Waitress.  A bittersweet romantic comedy about a waitress who makes pies.  What could be better than a film about pie making and love?  The little sister and I fancy starting a pie shop now… 

She names the pies after the emotions she feels – like “Falling in Love Chocolate Mousse Pie”.  It turns out some fantastic person has written up some of the recipes.  Sadly, I have discovered that the director and co-actor was murdered just days after completing the film. 

My family lived in America for a while when I was 13, in a sleepy little down in Connecticut.  On the weekends we used to travel north to these beautiful lakes, and along the way we would often stop at The American Pie Company (I’m delighted to discover it still exists!).  My memories of eating there are not of pies (sadly), but of the best French onion soup.

Not food, but another of my loves – vintage things.  So I wanted to share this find anyway.  A vintage style Post Office cabinet – how lovely is this, and all those handy cubby holes!  Available from The Allotment Shop.

I had a lovely day at the Making Local Food Work conference in Manchester on Wednesday.  I met some great people, heard from some inspirational speakers (in particular Charlotte Hollins from Fordhall Farm, Kath Dalmeny from Growing Communities/Sustain and Vicki Hird a food campaigner), ate a delicious lunch and came away with what I hope is a better understanding of where my local ‘Low Carbon’ group should head on food related matters.

Making Local Food Work also launched their new report called ‘Local food and climate change – the role of community food enterprises’ – you can download a copy from their website here.

I also won something!  Which doesn’t seem to happen very often but when it does is a lovely surprise.  I won a copy of a new book called ‘Stuffed – positive action to prevent a global food crisis’ from EcoCentric.  I hadn’t read anything about the book, but it turned up in the post yesterday and have had my nose buried in it. 

It is a great read with some fantastic (and shocking) facts and well worth getting yourself a copy if you’re interested in food.  You can get yourself a copy from the online shop at the Soil Association’s website.  Get reading!

Formy Dunes

Four day weekends should be had every week I think.  We have had a lovely Easter weekend so far – today we went to Formby beach with Buddy…

Formby beach

It was so cold – I think N was the only one in shorts…the rest of us were sensibly wrapped up in coats, hats, gloves etc.

And yesterday it was my granny’s 80th birthday with about 20 of my family – aunts, uncles, cousins, you name it, they were there.  My cake was a success, so I will find some time to post the recipe and show of the final cake all decorated with spring flowers soon.

Tonight I’m wishing for a quiet night in by a log fire.

Jersey Cow
Image: thegreenorchard photography

I have just found this fantastic article over at the Fife Diet all about eating less meat.  As a child, my parents tell me, I refused to eat meat, so they stopped eating it. 

Since going to University and moving in with a meat loving man, I have changed my diet and given in to cravings for crispy bacon and salami (my meat weaknesses).

I would, however, like to eat less meat.  I think it is important to value meat in our diets, and not just take it for granted or see it as an integral element to every dish.  It is so lovely to read an article like this so I just had to share it.

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