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Spend two and a half minutes watching this short film about how community vegetable gardening is helping those caught up in the Balkan wars.  Read about it here on the Ecologist website.

Isn’t this miniature food ring so cute?!  I love this one with its tiny cup of tea and mini chocolate chip scone – so sweet.  You can find them here at the SouZouCreations shop on Etsy.

Perhaps I am averse to change or becoming a bit of a fuddy-duddy, but I didn’t like the new version of Masterchef that hit our screens last night.  It might not be fair of me to pass judgement when I switched off after the first contestant was handed his apron – so you’ll see I’ve hardly watched any of it, but I just didn’t enjoy those first 5 minutes.

Did anyone else feel the same?  The first thing that turned me off was the new sleek kitchen – the dark finish, clinical feel, and row after row of kitchen stations – it felt so unfriendly! 

And where has the good old fashioned invention test gone?  In the few minutes I saw John and Greg, who I think are great, seemed very staged…”One minute,” says Greg, “this decision has to be unanimous.”

It felt like X-Factor for food.  I miss the old friendly, bright white kitchen, the invention test with, those embarrassing moments when someone has come up with something truly awful and had you shouting at the telly, “How did they get through the auditions?!” 

The ‘new’ Masterchef feels unfamiliar and for me less enjoyable.  It seems they have created a new TV cookery competition, but called it Masterchef, when it really isn’t. 

What do you think?  Did it get better after the first 5 minutes?  Should I make myself sit down and push through everything I hate about it to get to the good stuff?  Or do you share in my sadness?

We are spending the weekend in the Cotswolds with my family, and popped into The Organic Farm Shop.  On the road in there is a wooden area with a lovely family of piggies rooting about beneath the trees.

After calling to them, two little piglets trotted over to investigate – they reminded me of the two pigs in Beatrix Potter’s The Tale of Pigling Bland

They were so gorgeous with their pink snouts smudged with rust coloured earth, their cheerful grunting and inquisitive eyes.

But they soon got bored and pottered off to find good patches of soil to snuffle in.

These two were sat in a dip, one sprawled out, the other on its haunches, enjoying the afternoon sun and licking each other – how I wish I had a better zoom at times like these!

A last parting picture of one of these lovely piggies…

via here

Now this is all a bit misty-eyed and looking back at the ‘good old days’ through rose-tinted glasses…but I’m totally in love with the recent BBC series of Just William.

I love everything about it.  The beautiful vintage kitchen where Mrs Brown makes the family a decent breakfast every morning.  I love what the boys wear and I love what the adults wear.  I love that the children always look smart even when muddy and grubby.

What I especially love, is Mr and Mrs Brown and the way they ‘deal’ with their children and teenagers emotions.  I aspire to be a mother like that one day.  Ah…to dream…

My laptop power cable broke – think sparks and spitting sounds!  Thankfully, I live with a super resourceful man, who minutes later had ordered a new lead on ebay. 

However, since the end of last week my laptop power supply has been diminishing so quickly there was only time to briefly check my emails.  I do have some lovely bits to share in the coming days if I can just catch up.

Here’s a sneaky peak of our Flammkuchen we made this week…it was scrumptious…

So excited – treated myself to the new Jamie Oliver recipe book that was on deal in Waterstones!  It looks fantastic, loads of lovely meals and recipes, and I love his family-style sharing way of presenting food and eating it.

Can’t wait to try some out!  Anyone else made any of his 30-minute meal recipes?  Where should I start?

I love the sound of the kimchee slaw that goes with this green curry…

Or maybe his Swedish style fish cakes with zingy salsa…

Or this gorgeous platter of smoked salmon with beets and cottage cheese…

Here’s our lovely dog Buddy posing as I test out my new camera!  I’ve finally (FINALLY!) saved up enough to buy myself a really great camera.

No more slightly dodgy phone camera pictures.  No more badly composed broken-screen camera photos.  Just lovely lovely pictures…well as long as I can figure out all the different settings and how to use it properly!

I’m almost embarrassed to admit that I’m 26 and I’ve only just got an ipod.  Not that I’ve needed one up until this point, but we are hoping to use it for music at our wedding in May.

I didn’t think they were that exciting…until I discovered the wealth of food related podcasts available to download for free!  I have been busy listening to Nigel Slater talking about the different seasons and the foods he likes to eat and how, and Shelia Dillon’s Food Programme on ‘the sandwich’.

Fascinating stuff!  Looking forward to listening to them in the car when stuck in traffic coming home from work. 

Image: Izzy Burton Photography

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