Where have the last 4 months gone since I last did a post…?  They have fallen by the wayside in what is now my new life as a mummy. I still can’t believe that I’m a mother and that I have a daughter, as the Mr says, it’s very odd when someone asks you how your daughter is, you think, “you must have me confused, I don’t have a daughter…oh. Hang on…”

I’ve thought a lot about what my first post back here would be, whether I would ramble on about recapping the past 4 months since our lovely baby T burst into our lives, or just carry on as if nothing much has changed.  I still haven’t really decided, so apologies if this post ambles a long with no particular place to go!

T is 4 months old now.  Just this week she learnt to suck her toes.  She also is feeling poorly after catching the rank cold her mummy (gosh that’s me!) had over Christmas.  Last night she was so miserable poor love, with watery eyes, snuffly nose and a tickly cough, yet she still beams at you when you smile at her.  It made me think how pathetic I was feeling all sorry for myself when I was ill – that I was all “woe is me” and yet this tiny creature can still find something to smile about.

I begin to realise how this small person is going to change our lives in many more ways that I could have ever imagined.

Our lovely Buddy has been so patient throughout these past few months of change and upheaval, he seems to have fully welcomed her into our pack now, but mainly seems focused on getting us to throw his pheasant toy for him, so nothing much has changed.

He does have a very smart new haircut, his best yet I think – I think it combines the best of his Poodle x Irish Terrier roots, and he looks like an aristocratic gentlemen with his goatee.

I have just got back to walking on my own with Buddy and T.  Despite my best efforts at hoping and willing and crossing all fingers and toes for a peaceful homebirth, I ended up having an emergency c-section with a baby who decided when she was coming and feet first.

My recovery from my c-section has been a lot easier than I imagined, but walking on my own with a baby strapped to my chest and a bonkers dog has been something I’ve returned to with caution.

It is so lovely to get back out there on the country lanes and my favourite spots, breathing in fresh air after so many days spent, what feels like tied to the bed or sofa nursing a baby, hearing nature all around me, and being reminded of the seasons.

I’m also keen for T to just ‘be’ outside.  I want her to feel the rain on her face (no plastic buggy covers for us), the wind whispering round us, the sun that makes her screw her eyes shut, the way the trees at Dunham Massey dapple the light over us.

Christmas was spent with family, and was utterly exhausting.  Long drives between family homes, but good food and doting grandparents.  We went to Christmas crib services and took chilly walks.  T got hugged, jiggled, kissed, and fussed.

Now we are home and looking forward to what 2014 might hold for us as a little family.  What is certain is that it will be full of change for us, and I’m sure that some of the details will appear here as and when they happen.

I’m not really one for making New Year’s resolutions primarily because I’m useless at keeping them.  I do, however, really want to get back on track with food and what we eat as a family, especially as we are only a few months off starting ‘real’ food with T. Pregnancy and more-so breastfeeding have really taken a lot from me so I want to boost my health if only to stop myself from falling apart!


On a little side note, we are sad to be starting this year with one less of our little extended furry family – our lovely little Daisy passed away suddenly just before Christmas.  Poor Lovage has spent the festive period alone, and whilst we are sad to have lost Daisy, I am trying to focusing on the positive, which is that we plan to adopt a rescued bunny in her place.