Rose blooming over our front door

The past 10 days I’ve been away on a bit of a business roadtrip (I run my own small business) around the South West – visiting Somerset, Devon, Cornwall, Gloucestershire and Wiltshire.  Phew!  It’s been wonderful but exhausting, and I hope to share a few snaps from my trip shortly.

I’m now nearly 30 weeks pregnant…which is like 6 1/2 months, which sounds much more scary than when you count it in weeks.  I have been pleased to get home and rest over the pat few days, back making simple lunches and dinners and walking the dog.  I missed this sight a lot, which if you follow me on Instagram you must be pretty bored of seeing by now!

Buddy sleeping

This is my 29 week bump – everyone I’ve met has commented on how ‘neat’ it is.  For ages I was worried/disappointed that it was so tiny compared to other women at the same stage, but I really love it and since one of my many midwives (a whole separate story) told me it’s because I’ve got a long torso, I’ve just chilled out a bit.

My 29 week baby bump

Since getting home I seem to be on a scrambled eggs with herbs binge, eating it almost every day for my lunch.  You just can’t beat a few simple ingredients like these – organic leghorn eggs from the farm up the road, herbs from my garden, sourdough bread, and a bowl of my own grown salad leaves and edible flowers.

Simple lunch ingredients

It was entirely satisfying to get home from my trip and pick my first small bowl of salad leaves.  The rocket is already starting to flower, but after visiting an edible flower grower in Devon as part of my trip I’m just picking them and adding them to my salads.

First bowl of homegrown salad leaves and edible flowers

When I’m not filling up on eggs and herbs, my new favourite alternative is lightly toasted sourdough rubbed with garlic and fresh tomato and drizzled with lots of olive oil.  I then chop the squished tomato and pop it on top with some ripped basil, shavings of sheep’s cheese and a few slices of salami to round it off.

Tomato and basil toast with salami

On the baby front, I’ve had a couple of lovely purchases turn up.  Today our pushchair has arrived (a bit of a reluctant addition on my part), but not unpacked that yet – waiting til Mr Rigg gets home.  These gorgeous little romper suits came, I’m so looking forward to next summer already and this baby just being outside on the grass.

Baby rompers

Our reusable baby wipes kit also arrived, I am really keen to use the reusable nappies and baby wipes, so we are all kitted out now, just got to try out best to stick with using them once baby arrives.

Reusable baby wipes kit

And on a final, but sad note, the tiny baby vole I rescued from the field last night died.  I checked on it about 9pm and it had already gone.  I refused to put it in the dustbin so instead Mr Rigg kindly dug me a hole at the bottom of the garden and I managed to remove the little hay and bunny fur nest with the vole in it from the box, and place the whole thing into the ground.

Burying the baby vole