Baby vole

On our dog walk this afternoon I came across this tiny baby vole curled up on the field edge.  I thought it was dead at first, but as I tried to roll it over with a stalk of grass to see what it was it moved.

Having spoken to my mum she said it might have been dragged from its nest, whatever’s happened, it seems to be in shock.  I used to work at a wildlife rescue centre when I was studying in Vancouver, Canada, so I’m going to keep it warm and in the dark and just see how it fares tonight.

To get it home Mr Rigg emptied Buddy’s dog treat bag, I turned it inside out and lined with grasses from the field before coaxing it in.  At home I’ve lined a small box with sawdust and hay, and Lovage kindly gave up some of his super soft bunny hair as he’s moulting like mad at the moment.

Baby vole

Can’t say I’m holding out much hope for the tiny thing, but we shall see.