Hot chocolate ice cream sauce

Today I’m sharing this recipe for homemade hot chocolate ice cream sauce because my sister Izzy tweeted how much she wanted a bowl of ice cream with chocolate sauce (and we’ve been eating it this week), and because it’s rather scrummy.

We’ve tried a number of different ways of making chocolate sauce for ice cream, so this is probably a combination of a number of those, but for now in our house it will be known at Mr Rigg’s chocolate sauce, because he makes it. The other night I was tasked with making it whilst Mr Rigg washed up, so I got a lesson on how it’s made and decided to document it to share with you all too.

Hot Chocolate Ice Cream Sauce

First, take 50g of milk chocolate and break it into a saucepan.

Milk chocolate

Next, add 50g of dark chocolate (at least 70%) and add it to the milk chocolate.  We used Green & Black’s organic chocolate.

Dark chocolate

Add a knob of butter to the pan (there is no specific weight measurement for this, sorry, we just to it by eye – it’s probably golf ball sized) and put it over a gentle heat.

Making chocolate sauce

Let the chocolate and butter begin to melt.

Making chocolate sauce

Once it’s melted a good way you can start to mix it all together.

Making chocolate sauce

Next you want to add your sweetener – bear in mind, you don’t need to much because there is sugar in the chocolate.  We like to use maple syrup.

Maple syrup

Mr Rigg reckons it’s about a teaspoon you add – I would probably say no more than this, otherwise it will just be a sickly sweet goo and I personally like it a bit more bitter to contrast with the sweet vanilla ice cream.  Keep stirring whilst you add it – you will probably notice that it starts to go more claggy, just keep stirring!

Sweetening chocolate sauce with maple syrup

Once it’s all well melted and mixed, add some milk, mixing all the while.  Again, there’s no specific measurement for this, but it’s not loads, just enough to loosen the chocolate and make a sauce consistency.

Chocolate ice cream sauce

Keep mixing and it will go lovely and shiny and smooth.  Taste it and check it’s yummy.  Then pour it over some good quality vanilla ice cream while it’s still warm.

Hot chocolate ice cream sauce

I could just go and eat a naughty bowl of it now…

P.S. If you are looking to experiment with natural sweeteners, take a look at my homemade hot chocolate also sweetened with maple syrup (although now I’m using 100% cocoa chocolate instead of cocoa powder).