Keep Calm and Carry On enamel mug

Last weekend was sunny.  That in itself is quite incredible.  Before the sun could even consider disappearing, we quickly made our way to our neglected allotment.  Thankfully it didn’t look as unkempt as we were expecting, and we feel vaguely positive about getting it into shape this summer.  Watch this space!

Brewing tea in a kelly kettle

Mr Rigg covered large sections in old carpet and I mainly made tea.  We took our trusty Kelly Kettle and set up a little fire in the base – I can’t help but feel like I’m actually really ‘alive’ when I’m doing basic things like this.  Do you find that?

Making a fire in the kelly kettle

It took a little while to get the fire hot enough – mainly because I hadn’t collected enough solid stuff that had a chance to burn properly, but we did get there in the end…

Smoking kelly kettle

There is something intensely satisfying about the smoke billowing from the funnel, the water rattling inside the kettle as it starts to heat up, and steam whilstling out.

Making tea on the allotment

Mr Rigg had a Rooibos tea and me a mint, supped from our lovely enamel mugs.

Tea at the allotment

I hope you all had a sunny weekend and were able to get out and about in your garden or allotment.

Cup of tea