It’s one of those moments where I realise that it’s been a month since I last wrote anything here, and whilst I’ve moved on long ago from feeling like I must blog at regular intervals, I still feel like it’s a bit sad – mainly because I really like writing and sharing.

What I really want to share is some nice recipes or pictures of what we’ve been cooking over Christmas, or perhaps some snaps of our lovely new kitchen following our home renovation, but I don’t feel I can move onto those without sharing some pictures of our life for the past few months.

Buddy sleeping on a dust sheet…

Back in October I shared some photos as we began to demolish part of our house ready for a rebuild – that was most certainly the fun part.  It’s been downhill since then!

We have lived through dust and chaos, workmen tramping everywhere, more dust, no cooker, no hob, a boarded up window, a radiator-less living room where I’ve been running my business from (or sometimes in bed when there’s been no other space!), a garden that’s more closely resembled a tip, no toilet, the joys of building a flatpack kitchen, sanding, painting, and more dust.







Oh, and did I mention a fridge freezer in my living room for a week?

Poor Buddy would just find any small space amongst the chaos and sleep…


This is what cooking has looked like in our house…now you see why I’ve not been posting any recipes or food pics…


After all this, late last Friday night, as we were putting some finishing touches to the kitchen in preparation for my family arriving on Saturday for Christmas lunch, disaster struck.

Mr Rigg was fitting handles to our new kitchen units, when in a moment that was both all so sudden, and yet moved in slow motion, the  huge wall unit he was working on came off the wall.  I turned to see him disappearing beneath this cupboard, the doors opening and stacks of china plates and glasses tumbling out.

This was the scene when this horrible moment came to an end…


The cupboard was upside down on the kitchen floor (miserably it has left some scars on our new floor, but thankful the pattern means you can’t see them), most of the crockery and glass was shattered around it or under it, Mr Rigg had a cut and bruised hand, and we were both in shock.


Looking back we now see how much worse the damage could have been (how on earth did the new worktop escape unscathed?!), it’s just so sad that we lost most of the crockery that was Mr Rigg’s granny’s.  I am also mourning the loss of a beloved Emma Bridgewater strawberry bowl that was part of her Kitchen Garden collection that is now discontinued.

So, with all that said, I do promise to return to more cheerful blog posts about food and cooking and having a nice time.  I do hope you understand why I just needed to share where I’m up to as a result of the past few months – pretty exhausted!