Buddy the Irish Troodle

Mr Rigg has complained that I haven’t shared a photo of Buddy with his new hair cut.  I would say it’s his summer hair cut, but seen as we haven’t really had a hot summer that would necessitate a trim, and because we got it cut right at the end of August, I can’t really.  So, this is what Buddy looks like now (and above)…

Buddy the Irish Troodle
Taken today at Dunham Massey

And if you remember from my previous post he did look like this…

Buddy the Irish Troodle
I must say he looks like a ragamuffin…

Ha!  It’s like having a different dog!  This is certainly the shortest he’s ever been cut, I was a bit shocked at first, but I actually quite like it now – especially as we now know he’s an Irish Terrier cross Poodle, you can really see the Terrier in him.

Thoughts on a postcard – all those in favour of the long curly locks, or all those in favour of the short but sweet look 🙂