Washing line at sunset

Whilst this blog was mainly started to share my love of food, I did enjoy it more when I shared snippets of our life as well as just what we’re eating.  In a brief return to that, here’s what we’ve been up to recently (it makes me realise perhaps I haven’t shared general life happenings as much because they’re a bit unglamorous)…

Messy garden

We don’t look at the bottom of the garden and what is supposed to be my vegetable beds – it is a jungle and a mess.  Misery making.  It never used to be like this, when did life get so complicated and busy that I couldn’t grow tasty things to eat?

Overgrown vegetable beds

  • The raspberries have been prolific, as they are every year, but the soggy weather has ruined a lot of them.
  • The wild strawberries have been the best crop, there are always lots to discover beneath their green leaves and some are quite large.
  • The borage has happily seeded itself all over the garden and is keeping the bees happy.
  • And the horseradish plant has gone bananas – I think I will have to find it a new home over the winter…or eat it all.

House DIY

Mr Rigg has been up a ladder (a rather long ladder that gave me the heeby-jeebies) spraying all our external brick walls with a sealant.  Boys and their toys…

House DIY

We have finally discovered what breed our lovely rescue dog Buddy is – we adopted him a couple of years ago from the Cheshire Dogs Home knowing very little about him, so we finally decided to try one of those doggy DNA tests from a company called Wisdom Panel.

Irish Troodle

Lots of people have thought he looks like a Labradoodle, more recently people have suggested a mixture of Schnauzer and Poodle (a Schnoodle – what a great name!  I was hoping he’d be one of these).  It turns out he is an Irish Terrier cross with a Poodle, which is also called an Irish Troodle!

If anyone else has an Irish Troodle I’d love to hear from you – I can’t seem to find many details online or anyone else who has one!

Irish Troodle

Last week I spent some time with my family, which was fun because they are all on holiday (both my parents teach) – we ate good food and argued like family’s do.  Mostly they seem to pull silly faces when I try to take pictures of them…

My dad pulling a silly face; my little brother grinning stupidly whilst texting; my mum and brother out for lunch; my sister and her lovely boyfriend Charlie playing cards after dinner:
 My family

I have just waved goodbye to my sister Izzy who has spent a few days staying with us following her utterly ace A-Level exam results.  In a couple of weeks she will be heading to Uni at Bournemouth (could she have picked anywhere further away!) where she’ll be studying Computer Animation.  We’ve been teaching her how to cook ready for Uni and going for nice walks.

Izzy visit

It’s been lovely to spend some time with her but I miss her already.

Just this morning…

And the bunnies?  Well, the bunnies are just the bunnies!  Living an easy life of munching on hay, snoozing in the sun (when it’s out), nibbling grass, escaping from their run (Lovage), and chilling out.

Bunny tails

Bunnies lying in the sun

Lovage wondering if he’s been caught dreaming up escape plans…
Bunny rabbit