Barbecue at the allotment

We’ve eaten quite a few dinners at the allotment over the past week, much like our anniversary meal they’ve been utterly blissful.

Before we left I made a quinoa salad with cucumber, radish and dill, which was then finished off at the allotment with grilled fennel – I’d seen the recipe here and it was delicious, very refreshing which is just what you need in this weather.

Quinoa, cucumber, radish and fennel salad

Mr Rigg grilled some sausages and chicken, and we ate simply but well.

Allotment barbecue

We drank sparkling elderflower from enamel mugs…

Keep Calm and Carry On mug

And the dog snoozed in the boot of the car, silly thing…

Sleeping dog

Sleeping dog

After we ate we went for a wander around the allotment and I thought I’d share with you all what the other plots are looking like.  There is lots of aquilegia popping up, just like those that have self-seeded themselves around my garden…


Some people have THE neatest herb beds…

Herb garden

I’m also jealous of the greenhouses and mini polytunnels full of growing tomato plants…

Tomato plants

The sunlight was so pretty as the sun began to go down, and I just love all the jolly chive flowers…

Chive flowers

Lots of people are growing all kinds of trailing brambles and raspberries, but this flower I didn’t recognise – does anyone know what this is?  I wondered if it might be a cultivated blackberry as the leaves look similar?

Clambering bramble


Just look at that sky!

Blue sky at the allotment

I’m rather fond of this plot, with it’s eclectic mixture of pots…

Container growing

And I left this guy to last…what do you think?  He’s got to be up there with one of the best scarecrows, especially with that hair!


Have a lovely week everyone!

Allotment barbecue