Allotment barbeque

Yesterday was our first wedding anniversary, and having spent the previous 24 hours tucked away in bliss at the Inn at Whitewell, and with the gorgeous warm weather, we decided last minute to have dinner at the allotment.

Allotment dinner of new potatoes

We boiled up some new potatoes, got a barbeque going to cook the sausages and burgers, and Mr Rigg watered the vegetables.

Watering the allotment

It reminded me of how much I enjoy cooking outside with the challenge of limited gadgets and gismos to help you prepare your meal.  It reminded me of sunny evenings cooking market ingredients in the Loire Valley.

Allotment barbeque

To be able to sit on a blanket, warm in the evening sun, picking chives from a plant growing next to me and sprinkling the first of the lilac chive flowers over a dish of potatoes – there’s nothing that quite beats that.  We ate asparagus with our fingers, soft and tender, drizzled with extra virgin olive oil, spritzed with lemon juice and seasoned with sea salt and pepper.

Asparagus with olive oil and lemon juice

In a funny sort of way I felt more alive than I’ve felt for a while, sitting there with olive oil and lemon juice running down my fingers.

Even Buddy was relaxed and chilled out, sitting in his crate in the boot of the car with his face resting on the bumper, watching the world go by.  This last minute decision to cook and eat at the allotment turned out to be the making of a truly lovely evening that reminded me of all the things I treasure and love most about life.

Buddy the dog