After much umming and aahing we finally decided to go crazy and get ourselves a breadmaker.  I have been scouring Amazon reviews and settled on this Panasonic one which we picked up this afternoon from the Trafford Centre.  We’ve never used one before, previously making bread with only pure muscle power and the oven, but have decided to go for a breadmaker for the following reasons:

1) We want to be able to control exactly what goes into our bread.

2) We want to feel less reliant on supermarket/cornershop bread in an emergency – i.e. when we realise there’s no bread for breakfast or sandwiches, we want to know we can set this going before bed and wake up with a warm loaf of wholesome bread.

3) We want to have some fun and try out some interesting bread flours, which ordinarily we might not have done – the breadmaker, in theory, will make it easier to do this.

I’ll keep you posted on our attempts!