Wow, on typing the blog post title I’ve realised we are 2 weeks into our meat-free month and therefore about half-way through.  It feels like a positive achievement – I never stick to anything like this.  Today’s post sounds like rather a lot of days to cover, but I’m going to miss out day 12 and maybe write a separate post about that experience.

Thursday 19th January

leek and roquefort pizza

Leek and Roquefort pizza (we also made a plain pizza with tomato sauce and mozzarella, but for this post I’m focussing on the leek one).  Pizza dough spread with garlic and chilli infused oil, scattered with a mixture of grated mozzarella, Parmesan and herbs, then topped with lightly cooked leeks and blobs of Roquefort.

This pizza is from the Riverford Cookbook but I must say it was a bit much just on its own – and I found the Roquefort quite overpowering.  In the end we shared one leek and Roquefort pizza and one tomato and mozzarella, just to balance it out.  An interesting version though, perhaps one I would tweak to our tastes another time.

Friday 20th January

A post for another day.

Saturday 21st January

mushroom stoup with pearl barley

Mushroom ‘Stoup’ from Hugh’s Everyday Veg – a cross between a soup and a stew.  A soup of onion, celery and carrot all chopped very finely, sliced fresh mushrooms and dried Porchini mushrooms, and a good amount of mushroom stock (I’ve discovered Kallo do a lovely organic mushroom stock, although the only place I’ve seen it is The Organic Farm Shop in Gloucestershire).

Hugh’s recipe serves it with dumplings, which are one of my favourite foods ever – however, we only had meat suet and I couldn’t be bothered to buy a whole box of vegetarian suet just to make a few dumplings.  Instead, we added a couple of handfuls of pearl barley as also recommended in the recipe, and ate it with large hunks of butter bread.  Such a comforting bowl of yumminess, although Mr Rigg felt it was rather ‘mushroomy’.

Sunday 22nd January

raw vegetable rice papper wraps

Raw vegetable and glass noodle wraps with a soy and ginger dipping sauce.  Thinly sliced carrot, cucumber and lettuce (and a few spring onions this time) mixed with glass noodles, coriander and mint.  This mixture is then wrapped up in rice paper wrappers, before dunking in a dipping sauce made with soy sauce, Mirin, rice vinegar, fresh ginger and chopped spring onions.

This just makes you feel good eating so many raw veggies – plus (rather grossly, I’m told) I love the dipping sauce enough to sip it from a teaspoon whilst I’m waiting.  A bit like liking the stock cube packets…am I the only one???  I buy my rice paper wrappers and glass noodles from a Chinese supermarket in Manchester, we sort of follow a ‘recipe’ or perhaps a way of assembling them from the back of the rice wrapper packet.

raw vegetable rice papper wraps how to guide

Once your filling is made, you simple soften the round glass-like sheets in warm to hot water, then place them mixture in the middle and wrap them up.  It is fiddly.  It is time-consuming.  I make lots all at once (it takes me about an hour !! to wrap them all) that way then you have them for lunch the next day too (great for lunchboxes).  It also turns out Mr Rigg is not adept as the wrapping part, he does the soaking bit and leaves the neat parcel-making to me.

Anyone else have any other versions of these they could share?  Mr Rigg likes his with prawns in when we’re not on a meat-free month.