A couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to be invited to the National Trust’s Fine Farm Produce Awards in London.  Before the evening event I spent the afternoon wandering around Borough Market – a place I’ve heard lots about, always wanted to go, but have never been.

Here’s what I found…

Loving the window full of pickled onions

I could have bought so much cheese home but I would have been unpopular on the train home!

Beautiful breads but with London prices

Possibly my favourite stall – the girl selling ice tea, with lots of fresh mint and a slice of lemon

Lovely to see English varieties of apple for sale

Organic raw milk, cream and butter – badly wanted to buy some but too hot to take home

I had a delicious chocolate ice cream from the Greedy Goat – very delicious


So much choice when it came to mushrooms – wish we had this variety at home

I could have eaten lunch many times over with delicious offerings like this Parma ham and mozzarella salad

Biodynamic fruit and apple juice – would love to see more biodynamic produce available

Charcuterie and olives

And delicious looking saucisson