Whilst everyone else has been enjoying the sun this weekend, we (mainly Mr Rigg) have been stuck inside preparing our living room for an electrician and plasterer this week.

These are photos of what the living room looked like after we’d taken everything out of it and covered all the furniture.  It’s looking terrible.

Mr Rigg spent one evening stripping the terrible wallpaper off the staircase wall, and you can see that we’ve spent the last (quite possibly) 2 years living with bare brickwork, exposed concrete floor along the edge of the room, an unpainted chimney breast, and lots of peeling paint.

When you remove everything we’ve been using to cover and hide these horrible bits it all feels very shabby.  Then we did this to it…

The walls either side of the two side windows were really damp when we first moved in, due to the old crappy wooden windows leaking and problems with old render on the outside wall.  So we’ve decided to take all this plaster off and go back to the brickwork ready for the new plaster.

Tomorrow we’ve got the electrician in doing his bits, moving some sockets which are currently at rather odd heights, and then after that its plastering.  I can’t wait.  I’m already looking at paint colours.

Buddy has thought the whole thing rather painful and has been snoozing on the bottom step most of the weekend – here pictured smoking a chewy stick…