I’ve never had much luck with tomatoes, I don’t have a greenhouse and the English weather seems to be terrible to them.  Sometimes I get tomatoes, but then the never ripen, maybe I’ve just had the wrong variety or not cared for them enough.

It must be said, I like my plants (ornamental or edible) to not need a lot of care, I like them to get on with growing without having to be fussed over and tended to too often.  That being said, this year, one of my three tomatoes plants is doing really well.

I bought a set of three Jamie Oliver tomato plants, I really liked that they all came as different varieties – I chose a set that had a red variety called Tomatoberry (this is the one that’s doing well), a green and orange striped one called Green Zebra (a few tomatoes on that, none ripening yet), and a yellow variety that hasn’t done well at all.

These are what the Green Zebra tomatoes are looking like – there’s not many and we’ll still have to see if any ripen…

And this is what the label says they might look like when ripened…

Certainly the Tomatoberry seems to be doing well –  I keep having to pinch out the new flowers so that it concentrates on developing and ripening the fruit that’s already there.  The tomatoes are so firm and sweet, it’s almost like biting into a fruit.