At the moment I am down in the Cotswolds with my family.  Today, me and the little sister are heading back north to spend a couple of days together – I can’t wait! 

Last night my mom, the little sister, and me watched a lovely film together – Waitress.  A bittersweet romantic comedy about a waitress who makes pies.  What could be better than a film about pie making and love?  The little sister and I fancy starting a pie shop now… 

She names the pies after the emotions she feels – like “Falling in Love Chocolate Mousse Pie”.  It turns out some fantastic person has written up some of the recipes.  Sadly, I have discovered that the director and co-actor was murdered just days after completing the film. 

My family lived in America for a while when I was 13, in a sleepy little down in Connecticut.  On the weekends we used to travel north to these beautiful lakes, and along the way we would often stop at The American Pie Company (I’m delighted to discover it still exists!).  My memories of eating there are not of pies (sadly), but of the best French onion soup.