Yesterday we finished off my new herb beds at the allotment.  We have created two L-shaped raised beds with timber planks left on our allotment by the previous owner.  In the bare patch of soil between the beds we are going to put some turf and create a small grassy spot on which we can sit and eat our lunches.

So far in my new herb beds I have planted: 2 lavender, 2 sage of different varieties and a French tarragon.  I am planning to make a trip to Kenyon Hall Farm to source the rest of the herbs to fill these beds as they have a truly wonderful selection – at least 20 varieties of thyme (which is possibly my favourite herb).

We also started digging on the next section of the allotment – I plan to divide it into four beds and plant potatoes into two of those – they have chitted well and I am behind in getting them in the ground.  Work for this week.