This is just a quick post to share with you a couple of cool things I’ve stumbled across on the web this week, and thought that they might be of interest to others.  Am hoping to head out into the garden later today (I see blue sky peeking through the clouds!), and I desperately need to rescue my peas as they are listing to one side after the terrible winds we’ve had this week.  I also have a few pictures of my ‘Local Food Celebration’ from Tuesday night to share so will try and post them later.

In the meantime, I found this website called Dinner4Good, which allows you to raise money by having dinner with your friends.  From what I can see, you invite your friends round for dinner in aid of a charity, and your friends donate money through the website.  The website allows you to send invites and for your friends to donate via it, so there’s no awkward moment at your dinner party where your rattling a bucket asking for loose change.  The Soil Association are linked up with the website, which is how I found out about the website, so get cooking people and raise some money for your favourite charity!

The other neat thing I found this week is a fun poster guide to eating seasonally from the website Eat Seasonably.  I love the design of it and how it almost looks/reads like a poem.  Print off a copy and stick it up in your kitchen.