I am always on the trail of great local food, and some of the best places to explore are the areas where our families live.  N’s family live in a gorgeous North Yorkshire village, and last year I sent off to the local tourist board for their ‘local produce guide’.  It was actually a lot better than I was expecting, with more than just the standard tourist trail. 


We spent a day travelling about, took a ride on a steam train, and visited a number of local food retailers.  There was a large farm shop selling the touristy deli items, a fantastic farm making their own jam and the best strawberry jam that I’ve ever tasted, and then we discovered The Wall at Coulton.

The Wall at Coulton :: North Yorkshire ::

The Wall at Coulton :: North Yorkshire ::

The Wall is…well…a wall.  It’s an old wall that runs around a lovely old farmhouse with a stunning cottage garden when in bloom.  On the wall are a good variety of the vegetables that they sell.  They have a simple, but honest sign that reads ‘We grow ALL we sell.’ 


In addition to homegrown vegetables, they also sell pork and lamb, and cut flowers in summer.  Every time we’ve visited since it’s been raining, so the pictures look a bit dismal.  But this place is fantastic, a real gem, with real seriously local food. 


It works on a simple honesty tin system where you pop the money you owe in the tin on the wall. 


Soggy looking carrots – God bless the British summer.



Bags of calabrese and romanesco cauliflower.


For more information visit their website http://www.thewall-coulton.co.uk.