I’m back from the conference – tired and full – 17 hour days and a week of 4* Marriott food will do that to you.  I then had a lovely weekend with the ‘in-laws’ in Yorkshire, but that meant more delicious food.  I feel like eating salad for the next week. 

Food with N’s family in Yorkshire is always fantastic.  His parents live in an old bakery, and N’s mom lives up to the house’s history by making most of her own bread.  We had fish lasagne one night, a fantastic fry-up brunch, a Valentine’s Day meal out, and afternoon tea at N’s granny’s. 

We don’t normally go for the whole Valentine’s Day thing, but there is a pub-cum-restaurant that I particularly wanted to go to, so it was a nice treat.  The General Tarleton (http://www.generaltarleton.co.uk) is beautifully furnished – simple, elegant, cosy – and serves fantastic food with an emphasis on local and seasonal.  N had their ‘moneybags’ which are seafood bundled in filo pastry with a lobster sauce, steak and chips (what else!) and a slice of lemon tart with raspberry coulis.  I had a divine grilled goats cheese salad with poached pear, beetroot and pesto, followed by salmon en croute and a Valhrona chocolate pudding.  My desert was so rich that I couldn’t even bring myself to lick the spoon!

Afternoon tea at N’s granny’s was equally delightful.  She lives in a beautiful flat in Harrogate with lovely views of the park.  Afternoon tea is served on a trolley on delicate china plates.  There was cucumber and mackerel sandwiches, crusts removed and cut into dainty fingers; hot cross buns which she had cut into wafer thin slices and buttered; and finally a homemade Victoria sponge cake oozing freshly whipped cream and raspberry jam (made by N’s uncle).  I hope that if I have children that granny will still be wheeling out the trolley of afternoon tea goodies for them – it’s a lovely occasion that I feel children should experience and relish.

When I’ve had a chance to catch up on a week’s worth of emails I will be back with some more posts, including that delicious Marmalade Gingerbread I promised before I went away.