Yesterday we took a trip to Little Heath Farm in search of a delicious cut of pork for our lunch today.  We don’t normally do the whole Sunday Lunch thing, but every so often it seems like a nice thing to do.  Today is one of those days, and we are working on the crackling as I write this post!

We’d bought our pork, some of their own grown potatoes (gently roasting in goose fat), and a couple of apples from a local orchard, and were on our way back to the car when two small piggy faces appeared from behind the barn.  On further investigation, we discovered two young pigs rooting around on a patch of scrubby grass, clearly on the wrong side of their fence. 

Sue came out of the farm house with a big smile and a wave, and we pointed out the escapees.  Sue and her husband have managed to keep them in their field for the past four days without them finding a hole in the hedge, which is a record.  Recently they were found on their way down the lane towards the local pub and beyond the road – eek!  Sue has grave concerns for the local golf course should the pigs venture further…

As we left, having ordered our Christmas turkey – Trevor (the big daddy turkey) and “his girls” are housed in a barn looking towards the farm shop – Sue was seen disappearing behind the barn with a stick in hand.  We have bought all our pork and beef from Little Heath Farm for over a year now, and have never before seen the pigs that their raise and who end up in our sausages.  It was a truly special occasion to see the happy pigs that Sue and her family breed, care for, and eventually slaughter.

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