On Wednesday night I went to a film showing of ‘The Power of Community’ – a film about how Cuba survived peak oil.  The whole film was a real eye-opener, but the piece of community gardens and urban agriculture was particularly interesting.  Wherever pieces of land in urban areas were rundown or falling down, on every small derelict corner of the city, people cleared the ground and turned them into fantastic pockets of green – bursting with edible plant.

It was quite scary to think that perhaps we will only realise this change in attitude and habits in a crisis, but the positive outcomes in Cuba can provide us all with hope.  If you can watch this film, do, it’s really good, but you can also find some great clips on YouTube – if you also search for ‘urban food growing in havana’ there’s a great clip about it from Mony Don’s ‘Around the Worl in 80 Gardens’ as is ‘Seeds in the City.’