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Over the weekend we finally made it down to our neglected allotment.  We went to see how it was looking and what we need to do over the coming weeks.

At the bottom of the allotment was one small, gleaming orange pumpkin!  Isn’t it cute and such a gorgeous amber colour!


I also discovered that one of my Cosmo plants has gone crazy and is covered in hundreds of dusky pink flowers. 


I managed to pick a good bunch along with a couple of jolly yellow Calendula’s that have finally flowered.  I think this will be my last homegrown bunch of flowers for this year.


Most bizarrely our strawberry plants are fruiting again – in October!  Quite incredible.  Sadly, the rain we’ve had over the past week has reduced most strawberries to a soggy mush and the remainder have each had a nibble taken out of them by some hungry mouse or other creature.



I picked this pretty bunch of flowers and herbs from my allotment and back garden.  It’s a mixture of pink and white cosmos, orange marigolds, yellow daisies, purple chive flowers, green mint, and delicate white parsley flowers.

I fear this may be one of the last sights of summer as the leaves are already beginning to change colour and fall.

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