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Our first breakfast at Cornish Tipi Holidays consisted of a Cornish cream tea.  I know, it sounds sinful, but really how different is it to eating bread with butter and jam?  Not too different in my mind.  Anyway, all that matters is that we were on holiday and it was delicious.  Gone too quickly for a photo though.

After breakfast we headed down to the lake in search of a canoe or boat.  Unfortunately all of them were out in the lake, but a lovely kid called Dillon handed Nick a rod and some bread and encouraged him to have a go at fishing.  Although neither of us are into fishing, it was quite fun to have a go.

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Tilly's den made by mummy and daddy, started for her birthday and finally finished. Mr Rigg built the frame, I made the fabric cover (material from Ikea). Plus a Ikea net curtain we had from our old house and strings of fairy lights between the net curtain and fabric to create a cosy glow. We used the cot mattress we got for Tilly as it's never been used in the cot, and it's covered with a sheepskin and an heirloom family patchwork quilt. The paper poms are leftover from Tilly's christening and the been and ladybird hanging from the frame were made by my mum. Tilly's den (finally finished) all lit up with fairy lights. Will share a better picture in daylight. One gin and tonic down, feeling rather fuzzy headed :) Second pub outing by ourselves since Tilly was born - the perks of having Grandma to stay.

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