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Image: The Soil Association

I receive occasional emails from the Soil Association, and today an email landed in my inbox that asked my to help ‘Save the honeybee’.  I’m aware of some of the problems the honeybee is facing, so always keen to do my bit to help I clicked on the link and signed their petition.

If you’re interested in trying to help the honeybee, this is what the email said:

‘Over the last two years in the UK, beekeepers have reported a one in three loss of bee colonies.  Neonicotinoid pesticides have been shown to kill honeybees and the Soil Association believes that these pesticides should be banned today.  We’ve launched an online petition calling on the Government to do just this.  Lend us your voice by signing our petition today.’

Please help the honeybee by adding your name to the petition – click here to find out more and sign the petition.

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I spoke too soon about the sleeping... Anyways, thankfully dinner seemed to cheer her up. Baked potatoes smothered (obviously) in butter and Gruyere, homemade bolognese (with extra carrots cooked in stock for the tiny one). I drank her little glass of stock, and she finished her dinner off with a pineapple, mango, prickly pear & coconut milk lolly. Trying to get a bit more organised so starting with a prepped bowl of vegetables that I'm going to freeze ready for use in chicken soup for Tilly's lunches this week. I've included celeriac, turnip, carrot, leek, yellow courgette, and golden beetroot. The chicken was roasted this morning and the bones have been blipping away on the stove all afternoon to make stock. Feel like the Mr and I have done pretty well today considering we had a bad nights sleep and Tilly has refused to nap all day. Two walks and a car drive later and finally she is sleeping! Pretty posies on the tables in the newly opened volunteer run cafe

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