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Smoked Salmon

Welcome back and a Happy New Year to you!  N and I have just returned from a weekend with my family, which has been lovely, although it is much quieter now we’re back home…

I haven’t taken many foodie photos over Christmas, to be honest I haven’t enjoyed food much over the festive period as I’ve had a grotty cold for two weeks.  How miserable! 

My taste buds went completely and I couldn’t taste anything – I felt like eating bread and butter as it didn’t make much of a difference what I ate as it was only to fill my belly.

Smoked Salmon

That being said, we have enjoyed some delicious smoked salmon, and a gift of some oak smoked salmon was particularly good – I could actually taste it! 

Our favourite way to eat smoked salmon is on thinly sliced bread with a good smear of butter, lots of freshly ground black pepper (for me) and a good squeeze of lemon. 

Smoked Salmon

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I've been away from Instagram for 2 weeks now. I don't really know what made me stop I just felt I needed to get away from it for a bit. I'm fighting against post natal depression and perhaps Instagram perpetuates the falsity that things are all fine. It's easy to miss out the dark bits and look back on only the lovely bits. I was all at sea with why I was sharing pictures, who for, and sometimes the pressure I've felt seeing snippets of other peoples lovely looking lives got a bit too much - I know no one's life is perfect but my mind plays games and convinces me otherwise. Then this evening I got a comment on a blog post I wrote about my personal health struggles a few years back and how I healed myself with food. My sharing had given this woman hope and helped her as she is in a place I once was. It reminded me why I started out my blog, which was to share snippets of my experiences in the hope that it could inspire or help just one person, that they wouldn't feel so alone. I hope I get back into Instagram as I've missed the little community I've found here x The fun and glitz of our past 24hrs in London was so nice, but for me I still don't think you can beat that coming home feeling. For me it was watching Tilly eat a plate of homemade scrambled eggs (with her hands of course!), a line of washing hanging in the kitchen, and just feeling relaxed in our own space again. On our way to the station, Tilly's first ride in a black cab, just wanted to play with all the fun looking switches :) London you were fab!

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